The right tool for the job.


A revolutionary product.

We created kBLASTER because we understand the importance of quality predicates. kBLASTER will transform the way you find predicates, which will save you time and money in building a successful 510(k) strategy.

Built from experience.

Eric Eggers has worked with innovative, next-generation technology medical device startups, but found he spent a lot of time seeking predicate matches to lay the strategic foundation for successful 510(k) clearances. Not satisfied with existing search methods, he wanted a data science approach, so he created a SaaS to search the entirety of all publicly available 510(k) clearance summaries and effectively manage results in a user-friendly way for primary predicate, multiple predicate or reference device searches. 

Todd Herman is a Data Scientist with experience developing products and creating business efficiency, with a focus on applied natural language processing, statistics, machine learning and data visualization. He designed kBLASTER to enable self-service extraction of actionable insight from FDA medical device 510(k) clearance summaries.

Help when you need it.

For those who are not regulatory professionals and need 510(k) strategy consulting, Eric Eggers has more than 25 years experience navigating FDA 510(k) clearance strategy and is ready to put his skills to work for you.