kBLASTER update October 2017: 510(k) search for predicates and successful 510(k) clearance strategy

The kBLASTER database has been updated today with FDA 510(k) clearances from September 2017 and FDA 510(k) splash pages for 510(k)s clearances in October 2017. Saved Searches in a kBLASTER account that match data from today's imports into kBLASTER will see blue notification flags in an active kBLASTER account on those Saved Searches, as well as Alert email(s) regarding any match(es).  

Leverage kBLASTER's result management features of sorting, My Favorites, Saved Search and Search History to find a primary predicate, multiple predicates or reference devices. Build a 510(k) clearance strategy by enabling self-service extraction of actionable insight from nearly 67,915 FDA medical device 510(k) clearance summaries, plus more than 77,000 splash pages, for nearly 145,000 records.